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Saline solution refers to a sterile solution of sodium chloride salt in water. Most commonly advised for use by dentists when you have mouth sores, bleeding gums or inflamed sore gums from pericoronitis or after extraction of teeth, saline solution mouthwash kills bacteria by creating a hypertonic environment. Commonly Requested Formulations for Ear, Nose, Throat ENT Conditions cont’d 01/13/17 Sinusitis The following formulas are commonly requested compounds utilized in a nasal. Unless otherwise directed by your dentist or physician, swish the solution around in your mouth for 30 seconds, then spit the solution out. Don't swallow it. Nothing will happen to you if you do swallow it, but it's not necessary. The mouthwash is now diluted and ready for use. B Swish the prepared mouthwash in the mouth for 30 seconds and then spit out the solution. Do not swallow. Do not rinse with water after use. C Avoid taking any food or drinks for approximately 30 minutes after use.

These formulas may contain opioids or non-opioid painkillers. Magic mouthwash can also be used for pharyngitis, canker sores, and cold sores. One common formulation of the mouthwash contains one part each of viscous lidocaine, Maalox and Benadryl. To use, swish and spit 5 ml every four hours. Another combination contains 12.5 mg Benadryl, 60 ml Maalox, 4 grams Carafate, and xylocaine. Swish,. I did not know of the Magic Mouthwash when I went thru my treatments 5 years ago. I was instructed to use a solution made at home using 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda and 1 teaspoon of Salt mixed in 1 quart of room temperature water. I was told to rinse/gargle with this solution roughly 3 times a day. The solution proved very useful for debilitated patients with oral ulcerations related to chemotherapy, AIDS, and other conditions. This is presented for historical purposes only. Any health professional who chooses to use this information for patient care does so solely at his/her own risk. How to Make Dakin's Solution Dakin's solution is used to kill germs and prevent germ growth in wounds. This recipe for Dakin's solution may save you money and allow you to fix only the amount you need. Another name for this is diluted sodium hypochlorite solution 0.5%. Supplies: C Sodium hypochlorite solution 5.25% Clorox® or similar. Many major producers of antiseptic mouthwashes sell fluoride and children’s formulas. Hydrogen Peroxide. If you prefer a non-alcohol mouthwash, use a solution of 1 part three percent hydrogen peroxide and 1 part water in your Waterpik. Hydrogen peroxide has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. In addition to fighting.

“Magic” mouthwash explained By Dr. Allan Hovan, Provincial Professional Practice Leader, Program in Oral Oncology/Dentistry, BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Centre Most people are aware of common side-effects of cancer treatment like nausea and hair loss. But. It is not used in Canadian magic mouthwash formulas, and the Pharmacist's Letter recommends using Maalox instead. Steroid. Steroids or corticosteroids are a very effective anti-inflammatory agent and are often added to magic mouthwash to reduce swellings from sores and lesions on the tongue and inside of the mouth. However, the Pharmacist's. To learn more about dentistry compounding formulas provided by Lauden Pharmacy, please contact us directly at 831 462-9880. Mouthwash is a liquid oral product designed to freshen breath. Certain varieties may also kill bacteria and/or whiten teeth. Mouthwashes are made by combining the appropriate raw materials in large, stainless steel tanks and then filling the product into individual packages. in the preparation of a solution: 1. Write out the formula either from the prescription unofficial or from an official text official. 2. Calculate the quantities required for each ingredient in the formula to produce the required final volume. Remember, it is not usual to calculate for an overage of product in the case of solutions as it is relatively easy to transfer the entire final.

A strange name perhaps, but Magic Mouthwash works wonders when perscribed for sore mouths, raw throats, and thrush. I used to suggest sea salt and hydrogen peroxide rinses and I still do. However, if a patient presents in acute discomfort and the origin looks traumatic, write a script for Magic Mouthwash and they will think you are a hero. Lidocaine mouthwash is used for managing oral pain from sores and oral treatments. Lidocaine is a powerful anesthetic used to numb the surfaces in the mouth. A lidocaine mouthwash is particularly effective for treating oral mucosal lesions, also called canker sores. A patient who complains of pain from canker sores will experience fast pain. suspensions see Chapter 3. Defi nition. 18 Pharmaceutical Compounding and Dispensing General method The following general method should be used in the preparation of a solution: 1. Write out the formula either from the prescription unoffi cial or from an offi cial text offi cial. 2. Calculate the quantities required for each ingredient in the formula to produce the required fi nal. Our mouthwash recipe above yields 5 ounces with raw ingredients that cost approximately $0.03/ounce. If you were to make a liter of this homemade natural mouthwash it would cost you approximately $1.00 which is $2.50 less than the store bought. Homemade mouthwash delivers us a savings of approximately 250%.

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