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IMANDHost provides reliable hosting backed by industry leading technology and connectivity.
ImandHost has the technology and expertise required to provide a stable hosting platform for your websites. We have connections to multiple backbone providers and peer with many on a regional and international basis.
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Cutting edge server technology forms the basis of our hardware - Dual Opteron [HT] servers. ATM and BGP routing allows for intelligent routing to help your website information travel faster to your audience. read more
Imand Host enjoys another month with over 99.9% uptime and no unexpected outages.
Imand Host provides every account with the full range of additional features! We use RVSkins.

We offer a no-nonsense service. We don't charge you for additional features such as databases, php, private cgi-bin, email facilities etc. read more
Customer support is at the heart of the way we do business.

We offer our customers a full range of website services from creation to development.

To ask us how we can help make the internet work for you, please contact us today. Click here
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